About Us

 Why did we start Planet A laundry detergent strips? 

My husband and I wanted to teach our children about making a positive impact on our planet by reducing plastics in our lives. As a scuba diver, my husband saw the disturbing impacts on our marine wildlife such as whales, fish and turtles.  Showing our children how to recycle we realized only 9% of plastic were actually being recycled! We feel good about not buying plastic laundry detergent jugs and have designed our packaging plastic-free; it comes in a cardboard envelope that’s both recyclable and biodegradable!

 Photo of founder

As a mother with two small children I wanted to find a laundry detergent with ingredients that were safe for my children’s sensitive skin. Unfortunately these came in large plastic jugs and our laundry never smelt fresh. We are passionate about what we put into are laundry strips to keep our family safe and yours.  Our laundry strips are free of dye, phosphates, chlorine, paraben and are non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.

Thank you, for doing your part one load at a time!


Planet A Eco-friendly laundry detergent strips are a safer more environmentally friendly way to do laundry. Our pre-measured strips are made from biodegradable ingredients that provide an amazing washing experience. Our ingredients are safe and gentle on your families most sensitive skin without losing the fresh scent of great smelling laundry. We wanted you to feel good about the way we do laundry by reducing our impact on our planet by saying good-bye to heavy plastic jugs. We are proud of our product and packaging as it is 100% compostable or recyclable! We feel good that with every purchase a portion of profits go to saving our environment. We also felt the importance to make our strips affordable for families just like our own. Our goal was to ensure our product was affordable for everyone which has a greater positive impact on our environment and our communities.